WELCOME to The Puerto Rican Republican & Latin Conservative Movements Webpage

The Puertorican Republican & Latin Conservative Movement is a non profit Organization founded on a unique combination of Public Charity  & Literature events that fuse soup kitchens with Job referral & Free training events with the ultimate goal of Educating communities while combating Poverty.

“The Puerto Rican Republican & Latin Conservative Movement Webpage” was created to accomplish 3 Things

  • As a the public to view our gallery of photos and videos documenting our events, charities and the wonderful work of our volunteers

In “Unapologetic Patriots” Diversity Finds A Common Ground Through Patriotism, Americanism and The Desire To Witness The Return Of American Exceptionalism. Let Us Remember That American Exceptionalism is not embodied by a Single Man, Woman, Race or Government, It is The Collective Contribution Made By Great People From Many Different Backgrounds Whom Through Individual Actions Brought About Extraordinary National/Global Change Mirroring American Exceptionalism (Check out one of our many topics below)

Unapologetic Patriots was created to Intercept, Disseminate And Correct The Misrepresentation Of Information By Globalist Politicians And The National Msm and With it Build a Discussion Platform Away From The Scrutiny of Social Sites Known For Excessively Moderating Its Members Freedom Of Speech.

Donations Are Never Asked Of You.. Though We Do Encourage You To Visit Our Store (Click On Categories Below) 

If You Have Any Comments Or Suggestions feel free to leave a comment  in the Box below.

Thank You

Unapologetic Patriots

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