Update: How Has the AFA Boycotts Affected Targets Stocks

On April 2016 Target under the pretext of “Inclusivity” publicly stated that Target would build Gender Neutral Bathrooms sparking backlash from customers who believed the policy would expose their wives and daughters to strange men with unknown intentions.  The Grievance of many of their customers went unheard til American Family’s Association Organized a Nationwide Boycott (Petition)

By August 2016 Their Stock’s took a Major a hit and by the Second Quarter lost more than 680 Million Dollars equivalent to more than 7.2% of Revenues for that quarter According to MarketWatch and FoxNews

Target C.E.O Brian Cornwell told fortune magazine their Transgender Bathroom Policy has nothing to do with the companies financial well being. AFA ptesident Tim Wildmon wrote in a statement “The  privacy and protection of women and children is important and that is why we will continue standing against Target for it’s Reckless Policy”.

When Asked about Targets decision to spend millions to add single stall bathrooms Chief Financial Officer For Target Cathy Smith told fortune Magazine “it has become clear that some of our customers like and others dislike our Transgender Friendly Bathroom” which i believe is a complete understatement considering the fact they’ve lost close to 3 Billion in Revenue Since the Boycott began less than a year ago.

And the rewording of Gender Neutral Bathrooms calling it Transgender Friendly policy is Genius because you can comfortably oppose men and girls sharing the same bathroom but some people might be hesitant when you say it’s Gay (transgender) friendly and you oppose it then it paints you as a bigot in the eyes of those who are easily coerced by semantics. 

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