Did Slaves Build The White House? 

Let me explain the problem with Michelle Obamas comment and Why her comment was Both Misleading and None Inclusive.Did slaves build the White House? No they didn’t exclusively build the White they helped build the White house along with freed African Americans, Irish, Italians and other Europeans.

Brief History in 1792 the White House was ordered to be Built on Land Ceded(give up) by 2 neighboring Slave states Virginia and Maryland.

The Original plan was to Import the best European Skilled workers for the job but due to tension between the u.s and members of Europe (tension which led to the burning down of the white house and the War of 1812) response was minimal leaving a shortage of workers and laborers which is when the government turned to African Americans both freed from free states and enslaved from neighboring slave states like Virginia and Maryland.
So The question Was The White house built by Slaves? Is actually the wrong question to ask the correct Question should be were slaves among those who built the white house for 2 reasons

  1. Slaves were neither architects, nor engineers nor masters of any craft at that time. Slaves were taught in the spot to do general labor work
  2. Slaves didn’t exclusively Build or help build the white house there were also Irish peasants which at the time were considered of equal worth as slaves.

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