Msm Goes After Flynn Yet Ignored The Hillary Clinton Uranium One Connection 

After the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security advisor after it was discovered he had misled vice president Mike Pence Liberals, Democrats and the Mainstream media have been on a political witch hunt calling for investigations, lynchings and all sorts of bafoonery. But before the Left hops on their high horse and starts throwing rocks from their Liberal safe spaces and glass houses let’s keep in mind That hillary & the Clinton Foundation were both tied to a russian interest Group known as Uranium One during her time as Secretary of state under the Obama regime.

Between 2009 to 2013 the Clinton foundation received Millions of dollar by Ian Telfer chairman of Uranium one a company that would later go on to own 1/5th of Uranium Production in the U.s, donations that were  intentionally witheld from public disclosure by Hillary Clinton.Now the question is why would the russians Donate to the Clintons if according to the Lying Media and the Unintelligible intelligence community they were trying to alter the elections in favor of Trump? 

Well at the time Uranium One was set to be sold to a russian government controlled interest group which had to be approved by a committee of representatives from a number of US government agencies. Among the agencies who signed off on the deal was The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the secretaries of the Treasury, secretary of Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy and the State Department, which was then headed by none other than Secretary Clinton. Keep in mind that uranium is considered a strategic asset which is used for the production of nuclear weapons..

  • Did the Russians force Clinton to accept millions in donations from them and intentionally omit it from being publicy disclosed?? No they didn’t.
  • Did the Russians have to hack our systems or alter our elections to get Clinton along with other u.s politicians lobbying for foreign interest to sign off on a deal that now entitles Russia to 1/5th of our Uranium prodiction?? 

No they didn’t hillary along with other corrupt politicians signed off on it and kept it hush with the help of their side kicks the National mainstream media who draft propaganda to benefit the Liberal agenda and what does the Media gain?
Well they get Liberals and democrats to lobby for laws that hold tge media less and less reponsible,example:on Christmas eve of 2016 while we all slept comfy with thoughts of Santa and the Trump win in in our heads Obama signed a law into effect known as the “Counter Disinformation and Propaganda Act” In short The Media can be used for propaganda against u.s citizens under the pretext of countering propaganda that’s supposedly already here.
The political elites puppets CBS NBC ABC and of course CNN have all gotten together to highlight how dangerous it is for TRUMP to undermine the U.s Intelligence community.(Is that a threat?)
But lets keep in mind

  • It was the intelligence community who said Iraq had weapons of Mass destruction in order to convince us we should invade Iraq.
  • It was the Intelligence community who blamed benghazi on a youtube video.
  • It was the intelligence community who claimed they didn’t spy on u.s citizens til FIVEeyes was exposed 

The U.s Intelligence community demands that the president not point at the dark spots in their credibility. I guess Historical Denialism is sown into the fabric of these hypocritical bureaucrats. they’re still religiously latched on to the Idea that Americans are too busy struggling with unemployment Protesters and other Democrat created problems to remember the lies they’ve heard or even worse they believe America has reached a point where they just don’t care anymore.

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