Latinos For Trump 

Logo Creator Ramon Aponte & Marco Guttierez both Fierce Trump Supporters since Trump first announced he’d be running for the presidency. Ramon Aponte (Puerto rican) campaigned for TRUMP using Facebook as his platform reaching hundreds of thousands of views with a unique combination of Video compilations and Thought Provoking rhetorical questions.

 Marco Guttierez (Mexican) is founder of the Facebook Group Latinos For Trump #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner and Poster Child for #OperationTacoBowl.

 He has a very strong and faithful following and has conducted many t.v Interviews with personalities such as Alex Jones, Univision and many other media agencies from both independent and mainstream outlets. This short story is about 2 men out of millions who represent The Silent Majority whom contrare to what the Government would have you believe is not a number representative of a specific race or color but instead an Ideology, one that brings people of all colors together “PATRIOTISM” a flame that hasn’t been fanned in America in a very long time.

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