SOCIOS – Society Of Conservative Ideals Opposing Socialism

For Many Right leaning patriotic Americans there has been a growing desire to join a cause or a movement and become more politically involved. This growing interest is due to a string of attacks executed against the Right by Extreme Left wing groups (such as A.N.T.I.F.A = Another Name To Identify Fascism As). Since The primaries when Trump first announced his plans to build a wall, through the election with violence from groups such as black Lives Matter terrorist organization encouraged ofcourse by then president Barack Hussein Obama and even after election Trump supporters and advocates of the Right have are still being stigmatized by the Msm and labeled by Divisive race baiting politicians on the left.

The Right has continued to be a target for globalist elite as George Soros who funds Democracy now (The E mail Propagandist) and Media matters for America whos owned by David Brock former Lover of James Alifante associated with the #PizzaGate Scandal a child pedophilia ring that was never investigated by anyone and shockingly enough we even witnessed the justification of assaults executed against the right by the left by saying it was due to Trumps Rhetoric. 

Even non affiliated Trump supporters were being assaulted by the left because of the redundant race baiting discussion platform being exhausted by the left. This has led to the exploitation of our constitutional right to freedom of speech which the left has intepreted as the Freedom to Label the right then use that label as an excuse to exercise physical violence to Deter those on the Right from supporting certain laws and voicing their opinions (Now doesn’t it Sound more like they’re the Fascist?)
That was the thought process of 2 Patriotic Trump supporting Americans Ramon Aponte and Jose Reyes who got together and decided to create an organization Called S.O.C.I.O.S a Latin word meaning Partners with an acronym that describes their political stance 

Society Of Conservative Ideals Opposing Socialism 

Unlike many scattered organizations that extended from Facebook S.O.C.I.O.S has a Charter which details the organizations cause, purpose and main objective with one of their primary goals being the end of Racial polarization on the Right a way of countering the stigmas associated with the Right. 
When asked about what inspired him Mr. Aponte claims Right Wing Groups are always angry at the left for calling them racist but the reality is if you look at the majority of right wing groups they’re all racially and ethnically polarized, you have hispanics for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Gays for Trump, Italians, Jews, etc and I thought to myself what ever happen to just being Patriotic Americans supporting someone who aligns with the concept of Making America Great Again. 

When Jose reyes was asked why he and Ramon chose a LATIN word to represent what they identify as a non polarized patriotic american organization jose stated what better way to embody the Unity of The right than with a Latin name defined by an english acronym

If you’re Interested in joining this organization click here —> S.O.C.I.O.S 

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