SOCIOS – Society Of Conservative Ideals Opposing Socialism

For Many Right leaning patriotic Americans there has been a growing desire to join a cause or a movement and become more politically involved. This growing interest is due to a string of attacks executed against the Right by Extreme Left wing groups (such as A.N.T.I.F.A = Another Name To Identify Fascism As). Since The primaries when Trump first announced his plans to build a wall, through the election with violence from groups such as black Lives Matter terrorist organization encouraged ofcourse by then president Barack Hussein Obama and even after election Trump supporters and advocates of the Right have are still being stigmatized by the Msm and labeled by Divisive race baiting politicians on the left.

The Right has continued to be a target for globalist elite as George Soros who funds Democracy now (The E mail Propagandist) and Media matters for America whos owned by David Brock former Lover of James Alifante associated with the #PizzaGate Scandal a child pedophilia ring that was never investigated by anyone and shockingly enough we even witnessed the justification of assaults executed against the right by the left by saying it was due to Trumps Rhetoric. 

Even non affiliated Trump supporters were being assaulted by the left because of the redundant race baiting discussion platform being exhausted by the left. This has led to the exploitation of our constitutional right to freedom of speech which the left has intepreted as the Freedom to Label the right then use that label as an excuse to exercise physical violence to Deter those on the Right from supporting certain laws and voicing their opinions (Now doesn’t it Sound more like they’re the Fascist?)
That was the thought process of 2 Patriotic Trump supporting Americans Ramon Aponte and Jose Reyes who got together and decided to create an organization Called S.O.C.I.O.S a Latin word meaning Partners with an acronym that describes their political stance 

Society Of Conservative Ideals Opposing Socialism 

Unlike many scattered organizations that extended from Facebook S.O.C.I.O.S has a Charter which details the organizations cause, purpose and main objective with one of their primary goals being the end of Racial polarization on the Right a way of countering the stigmas associated with the Right. 
When asked about what inspired him Mr. Aponte claims Right Wing Groups are always angry at the left for calling them racist but the reality is if you look at the majority of right wing groups they’re all racially and ethnically polarized, you have hispanics for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Gays for Trump, Italians, Jews, etc and I thought to myself what ever happen to just being Patriotic Americans supporting someone who aligns with the concept of Making America Great Again. 

When Jose reyes was asked why he and Ramon chose a LATIN word to represent what they identify as a non polarized patriotic american organization jose stated what better way to embody the Unity of The right than with a Latin name defined by an english acronym

If you’re Interested in joining this organization click here —> S.O.C.I.O.S 

Latinos For Trump 

Logo Creator Ramon Aponte & Marco Guttierez both Fierce Trump Supporters since Trump first announced he’d be running for the presidency. Ramon Aponte (Puerto rican) campaigned for TRUMP using Facebook as his platform reaching hundreds of thousands of views with a unique combination of Video compilations and Thought Provoking rhetorical questions.

 Marco Guttierez (Mexican) is founder of the Facebook Group Latinos For Trump #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner and Poster Child for #OperationTacoBowl.

 He has a very strong and faithful following and has conducted many t.v Interviews with personalities such as Alex Jones, Univision and many other media agencies from both independent and mainstream outlets. This short story is about 2 men out of millions who represent The Silent Majority whom contrare to what the Government would have you believe is not a number representative of a specific race or color but instead an Ideology, one that brings people of all colors together “PATRIOTISM” a flame that hasn’t been fanned in America in a very long time.

Msm Goes After Flynn Yet Ignored The Hillary Clinton Uranium One Connection 

After the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security advisor after it was discovered he had misled vice president Mike Pence Liberals, Democrats and the Mainstream media have been on a political witch hunt calling for investigations, lynchings and all sorts of bafoonery. But before the Left hops on their high horse and starts throwing rocks from their Liberal safe spaces and glass houses let’s keep in mind That hillary & the Clinton Foundation were both tied to a russian interest Group known as Uranium One during her time as Secretary of state under the Obama regime.

Between 2009 to 2013 the Clinton foundation received Millions of dollar by Ian Telfer chairman of Uranium one a company that would later go on to own 1/5th of Uranium Production in the U.s, donations that were  intentionally witheld from public disclosure by Hillary Clinton.Now the question is why would the russians Donate to the Clintons if according to the Lying Media and the Unintelligible intelligence community they were trying to alter the elections in favor of Trump? 

Well at the time Uranium One was set to be sold to a russian government controlled interest group which had to be approved by a committee of representatives from a number of US government agencies. Among the agencies who signed off on the deal was The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the secretaries of the Treasury, secretary of Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy and the State Department, which was then headed by none other than Secretary Clinton. Keep in mind that uranium is considered a strategic asset which is used for the production of nuclear weapons..

  • Did the Russians force Clinton to accept millions in donations from them and intentionally omit it from being publicy disclosed?? No they didn’t.
  • Did the Russians have to hack our systems or alter our elections to get Clinton along with other u.s politicians lobbying for foreign interest to sign off on a deal that now entitles Russia to 1/5th of our Uranium prodiction?? 

No they didn’t hillary along with other corrupt politicians signed off on it and kept it hush with the help of their side kicks the National mainstream media who draft propaganda to benefit the Liberal agenda and what does the Media gain?
Well they get Liberals and democrats to lobby for laws that hold tge media less and less reponsible,example:on Christmas eve of 2016 while we all slept comfy with thoughts of Santa and the Trump win in in our heads Obama signed a law into effect known as the “Counter Disinformation and Propaganda Act” In short The Media can be used for propaganda against u.s citizens under the pretext of countering propaganda that’s supposedly already here.
The political elites puppets CBS NBC ABC and of course CNN have all gotten together to highlight how dangerous it is for TRUMP to undermine the U.s Intelligence community.(Is that a threat?)
But lets keep in mind

  • It was the intelligence community who said Iraq had weapons of Mass destruction in order to convince us we should invade Iraq.
  • It was the Intelligence community who blamed benghazi on a youtube video.
  • It was the intelligence community who claimed they didn’t spy on u.s citizens til FIVEeyes was exposed 

The U.s Intelligence community demands that the president not point at the dark spots in their credibility. I guess Historical Denialism is sown into the fabric of these hypocritical bureaucrats. they’re still religiously latched on to the Idea that Americans are too busy struggling with unemployment Protesters and other Democrat created problems to remember the lies they’ve heard or even worse they believe America has reached a point where they just don’t care anymore.

Did Slaves Build The White House? 

Let me explain the problem with Michelle Obamas comment and Why her comment was Both Misleading and None Inclusive.Did slaves build the White House? No they didn’t exclusively build the White they helped build the White house along with freed African Americans, Irish, Italians and other Europeans.

Brief History in 1792 the White House was ordered to be Built on Land Ceded(give up) by 2 neighboring Slave states Virginia and Maryland.

The Original plan was to Import the best European Skilled workers for the job but due to tension between the u.s and members of Europe (tension which led to the burning down of the white house and the War of 1812) response was minimal leaving a shortage of workers and laborers which is when the government turned to African Americans both freed from free states and enslaved from neighboring slave states like Virginia and Maryland.
So The question Was The White house built by Slaves? Is actually the wrong question to ask the correct Question should be were slaves among those who built the white house for 2 reasons

  1. Slaves were neither architects, nor engineers nor masters of any craft at that time. Slaves were taught in the spot to do general labor work
  2. Slaves didn’t exclusively Build or help build the white house there were also Irish peasants which at the time were considered of equal worth as slaves.

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Update: How Has the AFA Boycotts Affected Targets Stocks

On April 2016 Target under the pretext of “Inclusivity” publicly stated that Target would build Gender Neutral Bathrooms sparking backlash from customers who believed the policy would expose their wives and daughters to strange men with unknown intentions.  The Grievance of many of their customers went unheard til American Family’s Association Organized a Nationwide Boycott (Petition)

By August 2016 Their Stock’s took a Major a hit and by the Second Quarter lost more than 680 Million Dollars equivalent to more than 7.2% of Revenues for that quarter According to MarketWatch and FoxNews

Target C.E.O Brian Cornwell told fortune magazine their Transgender Bathroom Policy has nothing to do with the companies financial well being. AFA ptesident Tim Wildmon wrote in a statement “The  privacy and protection of women and children is important and that is why we will continue standing against Target for it’s Reckless Policy”.

When Asked about Targets decision to spend millions to add single stall bathrooms Chief Financial Officer For Target Cathy Smith told fortune Magazine “it has become clear that some of our customers like and others dislike our Transgender Friendly Bathroom” which i believe is a complete understatement considering the fact they’ve lost close to 3 Billion in Revenue Since the Boycott began less than a year ago.

And the rewording of Gender Neutral Bathrooms calling it Transgender Friendly policy is Genius because you can comfortably oppose men and girls sharing the same bathroom but some people might be hesitant when you say it’s Gay (transgender) friendly and you oppose it then it paints you as a bigot in the eyes of those who are easily coerced by semantics. 

Support The Economic Terrorism Bill

The Economic Terrorism Bill was first proposed by Republican senator Doug Erickson which would make it a felony to participate in what is classified as Economic Terrorism. 

(We need 100,000 signatures to Make America Safe Again)

the bill would allow felony prosecution of people involved in protests that block transportation and commerce, damage property, threaten jobs and put public safety at risk as well as hold the organizers criminally responsible and financially liable.

As many of us know George Soro’s “Open Door Society” along with The Ford Foundation Have Given hundreds of Millions of Dollars to groups such BLMF (Black Led Movement Fund) who then use this wealth to fund an umbrella of Race Baiting SJW made up of 50 other groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, Ferguson protest, Hands up Don’t shoot, “Love Trumps Hate” the anti trump group that uses this slogan to violently attack those of opposing views, Etc.

If you understand that this bill is about protecting the rights of American Citizens to vote and support the candidate of their choice without fear for ones physical well being feel free to sign a petition created through the White house petition site 

Click Link Below.. 

With thousands of page views signatures are not being counted unless you verify you’ve signed once you receive the Email. Thank you 


100 Corporations That Demand The Legalization of Illegals

Official representatives from over 100 different corporations sent a letter demanding the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens and the creation of new visa programs.

[W]e strongly support efforts to bolster the availability of a workforce at all skills levels, through a separate visa program as well as by creating a path to legal status for those already here.

Members of this Pro-illegal immigration coalition includes well-known names like 

  • Hallmark
  • Disney
  • CVS
  • the Cheesecake Factory
  • American Airlines
  • Wendy’s
  • McDonald’s
  • the Olive Garden
  • Red Lobster
  • Coca-Cola
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • UPS
  • Rubbermaid
  • and McCormick spices 

These companies cite a recent Congressional Budget Office report, arguing that the Senate bill would grow the economy Though They noncoincidentally left out the CBO estimate which indicates that even though the amnesty can make the economy larger, it would simultaneously make American workers poorer by setting back wages for American workers by almost a decade.

Ultimaly The only goal of these corporations is cheap labor under the pretext of human rights concerns while simultaneously ignoring the fact that tens of millions of American workers are unemployed. 

  • 57.5 million American Males between the ages of 16 and 65 were either still in the labor market or unemployed.
  • The unemployment population consists of nearly 25 million with no more than a high school education and 16 million with some education beyond high school.
  • and another nine million with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Listed below are the names of companies pushing for the amnesty of illegal aliens, doubling the amount of legal immigration, and undermine immigration law enforcement by supporting sanctuary cities

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.
CVS Caremark Corporation
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
McDonald’s Corporation
The Wendy’s Company
The Walt Disney Company
The Coca-Cola Company
Johnson & Johnson
American Express Company
21st Century Fox
Darden Restaurants, Inc (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and others)
Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.
Allstate Insurance Company
Western Union
Northwestern Mutual
American Airlines Inc.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
The Procter & Gamble Company (wide range of well-known home and beauty brands)
Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
AT&T Inc.
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
The ADT Corporation
Pfizer Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
United Parcel Service, Inc.
General Electric Company
Verizon Communications Inc.
Marriott International, Inc.
Hilton Worldwide
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
McCormick & Company, Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
BNSF Railway Company
Shell Oil Company
General Mills, Inc. (many well-known food brands)
Ingram Industries Inc.
Kronos Incorporated
Ingersoll Rand Company
General Parts Inc.
Merck & Co., Inc.
United Technologies Corporation
Harris Corporation
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Sears Holdings Corporation
USG Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Ally Financial Inc.
US Foods
Univar, Inc.
Kiewit Corporation
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Avery Dennison Corporation
Humana Inc.
Novelis, Inc.
The Williams Companies, Inc.
Avaya Inc.
Computer Sciences Corporation
Honeywell International Inc.
International Paper Company
Dover Corporation
Danaher Corporation
TRW Automotive
Analog Devices, Inc.
Ecolab, Inc.
Avnet, Inc.
White Lodging Corporation
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
Simon Property Group
Daikin McQuay Americas
Continental Grain Company
MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc.
Hospira, Inc.
Cigna Corporation
The ServiceMaster Company
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Bloomin’ Brands Inc.
Fiserv, Inc.
Carolinas HealthCare System
SRA International
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Saint-Gobain Corporation
General Dynamics Corporation
A. O. Smith Corporation
Praxair, Inc.
HCA Inc.
Eastman Chemical Company
Fifth Third Bank
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Express Scripts, Inc.
Cardinal Health, Inc.
Aleris International, Inc.
DTE Energy Company
U.S. Steel Corporation
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
Cargill, Incorporated
Assurant, Inc.
XL Global Services, Inc
Texas Instruments Incorporated
WESCO International