Pillars Of Indoctrination

Indoctrination is the process of reshaping how we think, what we believe is right and wrong and even more profoundly what we believe about ourselves and our place in society. Indoctrination has 4 Corner Stones


(T.V)created to entertain, distract and Influence it’s viewers into assimilating how the characters deal with life, family and everday issues.(MUSIC) created to replace Philosophy and Theology. In Greek mythology music has always been an instrument of unification and control.



separated by ZONES (z.i.p code) which then divide us by culture, revenue and social class. Demographics is nothing more than a social experiment conducted in a psychologically controlled environment resulting in Ethnic & Racial polarization.




a system created to teach us and our kids truths based on historical revisionalism and Denialism.




created to restructure facts Enflame racism cause panic manipulate emotions nurture fear arouse hysteria justify rebellion and war and promote the agenda of Globalist.

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